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Research College Soccer Teams in Minnesota 

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Most Active Colleges on RecruitChute in Minnesota

University of Minnesota-Morris

Morris, MN.

Macalester College

St. Paul, MN.

Bemidji State University

Bemidji, MN.

Minnesota at a Glance

Men's Soccer Teams

24 College Soccer Teams​

0 NCAA Division 1 Teams 

0 NCAA Division 2 Teams

18 NCAA Division 3 Teams

1 NAIA College Teams

5 Junior College Teams

Women's Soccer Teams

33 College Soccer Teams​

1 NCAA Division 1 Teams

9 NCAA Division 2 Teams

19 NCAA Division 3 Teams

0 NAIA college Teams

4 Junior College Teams


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The answers to some questions you may have

Why is RecruitChute the fastest growing recruiting platform?


RecruitChute has soccer clubs, high schools, and colleges from around the world registering accounts. With a presence in all 50 states, clubs international, RecruitChute proudly calls itself America's Soccer Network.

How is RecruitChute different from other recruiting services?


First off, RecruitChute is not a recruiting service, nor are we third party middlemen - RecruitChute is a social platform built around the college soccer recruiting process, connecting athletes, colleges, and soccer clubs. We do not sell college coaches contact information, we do not self-promote profiles of athletes on RecruitChute, we simply streamline the recruiting process. 

Where can I find help on the recruiting process?


At RecruitChute, we are advocates that the college recruiting process is a simple one, we regularly publish new content on how to tackle the recruiting process yourself using our tools. For more information, check out our college soccer recruiting guide!

How much does it cost to join RecruitChute?


RecruitChute has an annual subscription fee of $500 per year for soccer clubs, to join register with RecruitChute as a college coach or student-athletes there is no fee! Simply create your free profile and begin networking.

How many colleges are using RecruitChute to find athletes?


RecruitChute has over 450 college coaches registered around the United States and Canada. As more and more clubs and athletes join RecruitChute, this number is constantly on the rise.

Why join RecruitChute over other recruiting services?

At RecruitChute, we believe in partnering with soccer clubs. The easier we make it for your athletes to get connected with college coaches, the more successful RecruitChute becomes! We don't believe is lengthy contracts, selling college coaches contact information, or harassing college coaches with emails of your players, we believe in increasing the student-athletes accountability and providing the necessary resources to help them thrive! 

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