4 Life Lessons the College Soccer Recruiting Process Will Teach You

No matter where you turn, most companies that assist athletes at going on to that next level seem to have the same opinion – that the college soccer recruiting process is an overwhelming and unimaginable journey to take alone and therefore you have no option but to pay for their services.

Here at RecruitChute, we have a slightly different approach – our core belief is that if you can tackle the college soccer recruiting process, that the lessons you will learn will stand you in good stead for tackling life after college.

1) Preparation is KEY

The expression “Good things come to those who wait,” was not referring to the college soccer recruiting process, far from it, the key to having a successful recruiting process is beginning early and being organized.

We advise our athletes to start compiling a list of colleges that are of interest to them as early as freshmen year. For each school, create notes on why you like each school and as time goes by, keep note of how your opinions change.

2) For every door that closes, another opens…

Being told NO, in any aspect of life is not particularly fun, however there are two different approaches that you can take when being told this, for some, they can take it is a negative, and come to the conclusion that they are not good enough, or for some, those athletes that will do well in the recruiting process, it is simply the shutting of one door, which will eventually lead to the opening of another. This “No” does not deter these athletes, in fact it ignites the passion within each of these athletes to make sure that next time, they hear a “yes.”

For those athletes that go on to play college soccer, and eventually go on into the workforce, the ability to deal with rejection is a major advantage over their peers. In a world of participation medals and “everybody is a winner”, the adaptability to overcome adversity is something that not many will possess at such a young age.

3) Be Proactive

Whether it is simply responding to an email, whether it is attending showcase events, or ID clinics, not matter what the task you must be proactive and take the initiative. College Coaches are not scouring the country looking for you, YOU must take the responsibility and show them why you are worth a second look.

The single, easiest way to stand out to any college coach is by walking up to them, firmly shaking their hand and introducing yourself. Don’t believe me, next time you are at a showcase event let me know how it goes!

4) Nothing is this world is given, it is earned…

I can’t tell you how many athletes that we talked with expect a full ride scholarship just to be given to them. The fact of the matter is that in college soccer, the changes of receiving a full ride scholarship are minuscule, the odds are that most athletes that play college soccer will receive more from their academic scholarship than they will with their athletic. So be prepared to work hard and to compete, EVERY single session, whether that be training or matches. If you truly want to go out and earn that scholarship, as with everything in life, you must go out and earn it!

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