4 Things College Coaches Evaluate When Looking At Players

There are many things that go into a college coach’s criteria when they search for players. Coaches want to make sure that a player is a good fit for their team, both on and off the field. Personality and character are a big factor that players forget when going through the recruiting process. Coaches want to be assured that one player isn’t going to hurt the team’s reputation in any way. They seek for individuals who have integrity, a solid work ethic and who are focused. When going through the recruiting process, or any other aspect of life, remember these characteristics and how it impacts your life. Here are a couple of helpful tips that can help you win over college coaches:

Be Aware of How You Treat People

You are always being watched. Whether its college coaches, club coaches, parents, etc., people are seeing how you interact with others. Coaches especially are looking for players who can treat people equally, no matter what the situation is. More importantly, coaches will be wanting to see how you converse with the team, staff members, college professors, and others. They are seeking individuals who are considerate of others.

Be on Time

College coaches are busy people, so they are looking for someone who can prove to them that won’t waste their time. Showing up on time, turning in papers in a timely manner, and responding to emails on time will help show them you are a responsible individual. If you take too long, they won’t be too pleased. Whenever you receive contact from a coach, make sure to be up to date and efficient with your responses. Lastly, the Golden Rule: if you are ever in a situation when you must meet with them in person, always be on time! That applies on and off the field.

Keep Your Social Media Clean

You better believe that coaches look at all social media accounts. Social media is the best way for them to check out who you are and see what you’re about. They can get an understanding of your character through the posts and videos you write or share. Coaches will not take anything they don’t like seeing online lightly. There have been instances where athletes have lost scholarships or a chance to play for a team because of things they posted online. Just remember that if it’s posted online, it’s out there forever for the world to see. If you’re not super proud of it, don’t post it!

Make a Good First Impression

When first meeting a college coach, leave a good impression for them so you can have an edge over the others. This include a firm handshake, confidence when speaking, and being polite. Don’t use slang when speaking to coaches and above all, don’t say anything your grandmother wouldn’t want to hear! Coaches opinions of a player can be changed in a second if they don’t like what they see or hear.

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