5 Reasons College Coaches Use RecruitChute & If You Don’t, You’re Missing Out!

When it comes to recruiting software, let’s call a spade a spade – they’re not made for college coaches. And whilst many of them have college coaches that use them on a regular basis, they always seem to leave a sour taste in the mouth of coaches. Whether it’s through email blasting, selling contact information, or just general spam, they don’t have the best reputation with our beloved coaches.

…That is until RecruitChute was invented!

Unlike any other “recruiting platform,” RecruitChute was created with college coaches in mind and here’s why!

1) Market Your Program

What is every high school athlete currently doing? Scrolling through social media. And whilst some of them may follow your accounts already, there’s a lot more who don’t! When you connect your social media account to your RecruitChute profile, every athlete will automatically see your posts in their personal news-feed. Hosting an ID Camp? Got an upcoming game? Share your posts with every athlete on RecruitChute just by connecting your accounts.

2) There’s No Spam Emailing

Yes, you read that correctly… With RecruitChute, athletes are unable to send you template emails, all at the click of a button. What does this mean? Well, it’s one less email in your inbox every day, and one less task for you to complete before training.

3) You Control Who Can Contact You

As a college coach – you’re in control. Athletes are only able to contact you using our built-in message feature, meaning you can select which athletes can contact you. Whether this by grade, state, ACT score, or country. Of course, you can always select the “no athletes” option, which means an athlete can only contact you if you initiated the conversation.

4) Your College Already Has an Account – And it looks fantastic!

Whether you’re Stanford or Florida Golf Coast, your university already has a profile with RecruitChute – all you must do is attach your profile to it. Just by creating your profile, you can see which of our thousands of athletes are interested in your college.

5) Discover Athletes Globally

With our advanced athlete search functionality, you can filter through thousands of athletes in seconds. Looking for a 2020 grad with a 30 on their ACT? Simply select these options when searching. Can’t find the right player? Try broadening your search to International to find those hidden gems!

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