5 Ways to Get Noticed by College Coaches

Throughout your college soccer recruitment journey, it is paramount to stay at the forefront of a coach’s attention. But when you’re sending emails on a regular basis and getting no response, you can’t be blamed for feeling deflated.

So, what can YOU do on RecruitChute to get on a coach’s radar?

1) Start Browsing

With the recent update to the RecruitChute platform, every time you view a college coach’s profile or attached university, they will receive a notification. If you’re concerned about them not checking their notifications, a weekly email will be sent reminding them who’s interested in their university.

2) Favorite the School of Your Choice

Similarly, to browsing but perhaps more direct, favorite the schools that are of interest to you. Their coach will be notified immediately. On average, those athletes that favorite over 10 college are 5X more likely have a coach look at their profile.

3) Send a Message

I know it’s a scary thought! This message doesn’t have to explain your life story but send an open ended message that can prompt a conversation. Asking questions about the college, soccer life, or upcoming schedule can be good ways of getting the ball rolling.

4) Connect with their Social Media

By now, you will have noticed that your athlete news-feed is full of college coach’s social media feeds. This is your contact drip of college soccer information without taking over your personal social accounts. See an ID Camp you like? A recent result? Interact with that post to let that coach know you’ve seen their post.

5) Complete Your Profile

Whilst this may be a less direct approach, those athletes with a complete profile appear at the top of the search results. The more complete your profile, the higher you appear! Those athletes with multiple videos and attached transcripts will appear highest. If you’ve not completed setting up your profile yet, maybe it’s time!

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