Advice on How To Commit to College Soccer

After talking with coaches and doing your college visits, it may be time for you to commit to a college. This is a very exciting time for student-athletes and should be taken extremely seriously. Once you have decided on a school, and that school has expressed their interest in you, you can now begin the commitment process.

A verbal commitment is an agreement between the player and the coaches that the player will be attending their school in the fall. Now, a verbal commitment is most often made during the student’s senior year of high school, although, some student-athletes make this decision earlier as they know where they want to play and have been recruited. Although you can make a verbal commitment at any time during high school, remember to not make this decision too early, do the necessary research about the school and team, and talk to your parents/guardians about your decision.

Based on what was talked about between the coaches and students, the athlete can either commit with a scholarship or be a preferred walk-on (without a scholarship). Both of these are fantastic options and mean that you are committed to your future school! After your verbal commitment is agreed upon by the coaches and accepted by the student-athlete, the National Letter of Intent will be sent to the in February of the student’s senior year.

If you do not receive an athletic scholarship, do not be discouraged. The average men’s DI team has 9.9 scholarships for a team of 30, and a women’s DI team has about 14 scholarships. If you do not receive one of these, students can still get academic scholarships or work hard to earn an athletic one later on in college. All in all, if you are committing to a college, you should be immensely proud. Just remember to make sure you research the school, team, and talk to your family about this decision, as it is a huge decision.

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