Are College Showcases Resulting in Athletes Getting Recruited?

With spring around the corner, many of the nations’ youth soccer clubs are preparing to take the field again with a hectic schedule already set in place! Many clubs, teams, and individuals will be looking to attend College Showcases over the coming months – some in last ditch efforts to get recruited before they graduate, and for some to get in front of college coaches as early as possible.

More and more college coaches are looking to alternatives to now recruit athletes.

But the question that we, at RecruitChute, have is “how successful are showcases events at actually getting perspective soccer players recruited?”

We all know that some of these events can boast to have hundreds of college coaches in attendance, from the small Division III level to the elite programs in Division I, but again how many of those college coaches are there to genuinely recruit?

5 things you didn’t know about College Showcase Events:

First things first, by no means am I stating that every single college showcase is the same, however what you are about to learn may allow you to have at least an informed opinion on whether they will be worth the price!

1) There is absolutely no guarantee that a college coach will WATCHING YOU! Just because a college coach is in attendance of a particular camp or even at a game, there is no guarantee that they are looking at you!

2) The majority of college coaches attending a college showcase have been paid, or at least their expenses covered to attend that camp, meaning that they have nothing to lose and a lot to gain from attending these events

3) College coaches that are attending a showcase event to recruit have a shortlist of players who they will be recruiting and spectating. What does this mean for you? Well if you are not one of those players or don’t happen to be playing against that player then you are simply there to fill numbers for that particular coach.

4) You will be the anomaly if you actually get to meet a college coach at these events, when playing, you have no idea who is watching and during your downtime you will find it easier trying to find an unbiased referee than you will a college coach!

5) It is exuberantly expensive to attend showcase events, and some college coaches will only recruit from select group of events, meaning that if you are not in attendance of a particular event, you may be at a disadvantage.

RecruitChute's online profile, allows athletes to showcase themselves in front of hundreds of college coaches with the click of a button!

Knowing these 5 simple facts, I hope that next time you are considering attending or attending a showcase event you are able to make a much more informed decision on whether the bang will be worth the buck.

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