College Recruiting Timeline & Checklist: Freshman Year

Freshman Year (Coaches are unable to contact you – only send general information)

As soon as you walk into the classroom, freshman year, your college soccer recruiting process has begun...

As a Freshman, most college coaches are unable to contact you due to NCAA regulations, however this does not mean that you cannot appear on the radar's of certain college coaches. We recommend all freshman to create their free profile on RecruitChute, so that they can start to put their name out there with college coaches and begin to attract attention from the desired schools.

Below is our checklist of what you should be doing your Freshman year to be successful:

  • Maintain high grades

  • Begin compiling a list of possible colleges or universities that meet your interests and research their academic and athletic programs (not sure how, check out our college finder database)

  • Ensure that this list consists of schools across all divisions

  • Play at the highest level possible

  • Keep a detailed record of athletic achievements

  • Begin to build your athletic resume

  • Record game film and create your freshman year highlight tape

For more information on how RecruitChute can help you start your college soccer recruiting journey, or to create your free profile, head over to our website at

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