Don't Get Caught Out by These NCAA Recruiting Calendar Changes

In early October, a NCAA proposal was released that would create some major changes to the recruiting calendar. After the final meeting occurred on April 19th, the NCAA Division I Council passed the proposal, which will go into effect very shortly!

Here are the new changes to the calendar:

· June 15th for incoming Juniors- date allowed for college coaches to engage in recruiting conversations with student-athletes (originally September 1st).

· August 1st for incoming Juniors- date allowed for unofficial and official college visits (originally September 1st).

This now means that any student-athlete who will be graduating high school in 2021 will now be able to start the recruiting process 11 weeks earlier than previous years, giving them more time to talk with college coaches, and decide where they would like to end up.

Please take advantage of this as it is a great opportunity for all of you incoming juniors! Being able to talk with coaches and visit campuses is an exciting part of the process, but remember to never commit too early and scout out all of your options.

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