How to Get The Most Out of Attending a College Showcase Event!

The season of showcase events and tournaments is well and truly upon us, and as many athletes prepare to load up the van and hit the road, it is important to understand how to make the most out of the showcases that you do attend!

For some, attending a showcase can be a last-minute attempt to get recruited to play collegiate soccer and for others, it can be an opportunity to get noticed and be on college coach’s radars as early as freshman year – but no matter how old you are, it is important to follow these 5 steps to get the most out of each event!

1) Contact the college coaches BEFORE you leave!

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I can’t tell you how many times we have heard that athletes are waiting until they reach the showcase destination or the night before to reach out to college coaches. Most events will publish the list of colleges attending at which coach will be there, reach out to them beforehand, introducing yourself, explaining what you would like to study and why that coach should come and watch your game! Send over your schedule as soon as you can and invite the coach personally to come and watch your game – if they are interested in you, they will come!

2) Warm up like it’s the World Cup

The expression, “you never know who is watching…” could not be more relevant to attending a showcase! The college coaches will not be walking around with a large sign over their head stating what college they are from and they certainly won’t announce to you before the game that they will be watching your game so be professional at all times. Several coaches on RecruitChute, have already states that they can learn as much about a player, watching them warm up, as they can from watching them during a game.

3) Not every coach will be interested in recruiting you!

As with anything in life, you cannot expect every single person to agree with you, so whilst you may think that you are the perfect recruit for a particular college’s style of play, not every coach is going to agree with you! Be very aware that if a coach is interested in you, they will let you know! It is vital when researching into the different schools to look at the academics as well, you last thing you want to do is tell a coach how much you would love to play at their school and how perfect their school would be for you, only to find out when they ask your desired major, to find out it isn’t offered at their school!

4) It is a college coaches’ JOB to recruit, they don’t need pointers from parents

Whilst parents always mean well, and want only the best for you, it is vital at these showcases to keep them on a tight leash! What this doesn’t mean is that your parents should be buzzing around the coaches, telling them to look out for number 4! More often than not, that can hurt your chances of being recruited, if you score 3 goals or make a goal saving tackle, the coaches will see that, they don’t need to be reminded by your parents!

5) Athletic Resumes are a MUST!

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Having a physical resume that you can hand out to a college coach is often appreciated and is a great way of showcasing your athletic and academic stats! Quite often, your club will have prepared your resume for you and be handing out on your behalf. Handing out your resume is no different from when applying for a job, any way that you can stand out will give you the advantage! With RecruitChute’s new player profiles, you are able to share your profile with the 200+ college coaches that are on our platform and now using our public URLs, you can share your profiles with any college coach in the country!

Check out the video below to see how RecruitChute 2.0 can ensure you take on all 5 steps with ease!

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