How to leverage technology in the college soccer recruiting process.

With preseason kicking off in universities across the country, many athletes are gearing up for their final year of high school soccer and face a 12-month deadline to get recruited to play college soccer. For many, their decision is already made, they have committed to play at various institutions, but for many, these next 6 months will be vital.

By leveraging today’s technologies, there are often easier and more efficient ways of doing things than you might expect. This article will be explaining how you can leverage the technologies around you to make sure this season, is the season you become a college soccer recruit.

1) Online Portfolio

For the exact same reason that job seekers create an online resume, the same reason that businesses create a website, and the same reason that most of you have social media accounts – you need to create an online presence. Create a presence where college coaches can FIND you. By creating your online resume, on platforms such as RecruitChute or online PDFs, you can allow college coaches to discover you based on your criteria. This could be position, location, GPA, SAT score, and much more. Without an online presence, the task of marketing yourself can become daunting and overwhelming.

2) College Search

In 2018, there are no excuses for not being able to find a good school that matches your criteria. Using free search databases such as Niche, College Scorecard, or even the free College Finder Database built into RecruitChute’s Platform, finding a list of potential schools should take minutes, not days.

3) Video Content

With the days of VCRs, Floppy Disks, and USB Sticks long behind us, the sky is the limit, and welcome to the “cloud”. Storing videos online has never been so simple, using YouTube, Hudl, Vimeo etc. your highlight tape is never more than a few clicks away. Integrating these videos onto your RecruitChute profile is effortless and simple, meaning your profile just became your one stop shop for getting recruited. Best part of RecruitChute? For an athlete, it’s free to join. Welcome to innovation.

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