Soccer Highlight Videos: Do’s and Don’ts

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Highlight videos can be a great way to showcase your talent to potential coaches. Here are the do’s and don’ts of making a highlight video that is effective in getting you the best recruiting exposure possible.

Do: Use footage from multiple games to demonstrate your talent. Clips should begin a few seconds before you touch the ball, and end shortly after the play is made.

Don’t: Upload extensive footage of one game, and definitely do not upload an entire soccer game as a highlight video.

Do: Keep it brief—a highlight tape around 5 minutes in total length is long enough to include a variety of short clips demonstrating your ability, and still short enough to fit into a coach’s busy schedule.

Don’t: Make a highlight tape so long that coaches are forced to skip around the video; they may skip over a big play you wanted them to see.

Do: Keep it simple! Remember that the video has one purpose: highlight your soccer ability.

Don’t: Add a ton of special effects, background music, or other distractions that divert focus from the video’s purpose—you.

Do: Try to use high-quality video. The higher quality of video, the easier it will be for coaches to be able to focus on your talent.

Don't: Upload a video you, yourself, can't even see who or tell who it is. Pixels aren't your best friend in that case.

Do: Upload your video online! Uploading your highlight video to websites like YouTube, Facebook, and RecruitChute will provide you with an extremely valuable supplement to your stats and the recruiting presence you create for yourself online.

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