Should Soccer Clubs be using Software to assist them with finding their athletes college placements?

Updated: Apr 5, 2018

As the founder of RecruitChute, a SaaS (software as a service) that aids youth soccer clubs at assisting their athletes with finding college placements, this is a question that I frequently encounter, to which I explain that the answer depends on which club I am talking with.

Firstly, I will say that if you are a club that believes your recruiting needs are met because you have one or more college coaches in your ranks, you are not alone or the only club to believe this, but you should certainly take your time reading this blog, you may be surprised that not all software in this space has to cost an arm and a leg.

Let’s start with the negatives, what can’t software do that a person can?

1) Software cannot replace face to face interaction, it cannot replace shaking another human being’s hand, or looking another person in the eye – which are all important elements of the college soccer recruiting platform. So, when shopping around for software to assist you with this process, always be wary of companies that tell you they are capable of getting your players recruited without having to ever meet the coach.

2) Software relies on the user to be able to upload quality content, and what I mean by this is that, on our platform for example, the student-athlete is able to upload their highlight tape, now if this highlight tape is blurry, slow, or focuses more on the sky than the field, then it is of very little use to a college coach. Creating a highlight tape today is easier than ever before, and the majority of high school athletes are more than capable of editing and uploading their own game film. There are several mobile applications, online software, and websites available that you can edit highlight tapes, we have several applications that we recommend our athletes to steer towards. If you are looking to a website to create and edit highlight tapes either as an individual or as a team, we recommend SocrPro, if you are looking for an individual to create you a highlight tape, the best we have found on the market is Soccer Spotlight, and if you are looking for a mobile app to create your own highlight tape, by far the easiest to use is GetNoticed.

But now let’s get to the fun part, what can software do to assist your club at finding your athletes college placements?

1) It increases your athlete’s accountability and relieves some of the pressure off the club’s shoulders, by providing an online platform that the athlete and their family can navigate through and find the answers to the questions they are asking, it increases the family’s awareness of the recruiting process and empowers them to take action. Now depending on the software which you are looking at, you will not only be able to empower the athletes to take control of their own recruitment process, but you will be able to monitor and track how each athlete is performing, allowing you to offer guidance and advice when needed.

2) Software opens up the potential of discovering schools that you or the athlete didn’t know existed. Now I am more than aware that there are hundreds of databases that exist that allow perspective students to search for schools based on major, state, religious affiliation etc. but then the athlete has to view each individual athletics website, find the contact of the coach, see what division they play in or even if they have a soccer program and then reach out from there. How does software like RecruitChute streamline this? Our platform has a built in College Finder Database that allows an athletes to search by the fore mentioned criteria, but in our database we only have the schools that have a men’s or women’s soccer program, from there the athlete is able to click on the college coaches profile if they have registered an account with RecruitChute and either message directly or reach out using the contact information provided by the college coach.

RecruitChute's Free College Finder Database!

TIP: Always be skeptical of paying for software that claims to have a college finder database, whilst their databases may be somewhat comprehensive, using a series of APIs and data mining, it is incredibly easy to replicate databases in minutes. For this reason alone, we offer our database as a free feature to our athletes that register, allowing them to discover their perfect school without having to pay hundreds a year.

3) College Soccer Recruiting Software allows you to showcase your athletes at the touch of a button. How many times as a club have you been reaching out to college coaches, describing a particular player, pushing how great this player is and then being asked well does he have a highlight tape? At which point you are searching through YouTube, emailing them and asking for a link and then having to forward it back over to the college coach and awaiting a response, any of this sound familiar? With any basic platform, these days are gone. We have created two scenarios that combat this, (1) your college coach friend already has an account on RecruitChute, simply searches for your club, click onto your page and there is a comprehensive list of all of your athletes, on which team, with a link to their individual profiles and highlight tapes. (2) Your College Coach friend does not have a RecruitChute Account, perhaps you have just met at a tournament or showcase, and you want to show them a couple of your players, simply share your public URL (ex. via email or text and the college coach will be able to browse through your athletes at their convenience without having to be a member, the only information they won’t be able to view is contact information for individual athletes. It is truly that simple.

To wrap up, I would like to say that because of the ethics and type of business that a select few companies have in this space, the words “recruiting software” have extremely negative connotations, and in all honestly, justifiably. When I created RecruitChute, it wasn’t with the goal of creating another 3rd party recruitment service or college coach directory, it was to bridge the gap between College Coaches and Student-Athletes and to assist youth soccer clubs at proving their athletes with opportunity.

If there are any Clubs that have read this blog and would like to learn more about RecruitChute and take a walk through of our platform, please email me at or book a time to talk with me at

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