The #1 Reason Athletes Fail to Get Recruited

When it comes to getting recruited to play college soccer, the number one reason that athletes are unsuccessful is not because of a lack of trying, it’s because of a complete failure to be realistic about their playing ability. For instance, you can email every college coach in the country, message every coach on RecruitChute, even attend all of their ID camps all summer long, but if you are not good enough to play Division I, ultimately you will end up not getting recruited – DESPITE all of the effort you put in.

So how do you fix this?

By understanding what level, you can play at. And the good news is, there’s a couple of ways that you can do this.

1) Talking with your club or high school coach – believe it or not, for most coaches, you are not the first athlete that they have sent to college, they may actually know a thing or two…

2) Take what your parents say with a pinch of salt – let’s put it this way, ask your parents whether you deserve more playing time… 99% will say yes because they want to watch you play and believe in you no matter what. And whilst this may make them excellent parents, as objective soccer recruiters, they're not known for their impartial judgments.

3) Go and watch soccer games – it’s a crazy thought, right? To actually go and watch a soccer game at the school you want to attend? And don’t just go and watch a Division I game, go and watch a Division II, a Division III, hey whilst you’re in the mood, maybe even a Junior College game. This will teach you the difference between the divisions and allow you to look at these players and honestly reflect on what level you think you can achieve.

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