The Fundamental Mistake Every Athlete Makes When Sharing Their Highlight Tape!

For years, the tried and tested way of showing a college coach your highlight tape has been to upload it to YouTube and email it out to your list of potential schools. Ask any college coach is they have solely recruited off a highlight tape and very slim can admit yes.

College coaches use highlight tapes as way to PRE-QUALIFY an athlete, not necessarily recruit an athlete. Meaning that when you are sending a college coach your YouTube link, quite often this can be your first impression – so you want to make a good one!

Whilst some highlight tapes can be full of 20-yard screamers, goal saving challenges and dime through balls, the overwhelming majority tend to be saturated with basic interceptions, 10 yard passes and tap ins, so how can you make your highlight stand out?

Well first, what is your highlight tape missing?

Even with the best highlights in the world, your tape still only tells half the story. I am yet to see a highlight tape that has the major you would like to study, the desired states you would like to play college it, your GPA, SAT, or ACT, your club coaches contact information, and your upcoming schedule and tournaments.

Naturally, the include all of these elements in to your physical highlight would be cumbersome, so perhaps the question is rather whether should you be storing you highlight tape?

Sharing you YouTube video vs. Sharing your RecruitChute Profile

As mentioned earlier, sharing your highlight tape alone offers very little for the college coach in terms of being able to genuinely recruit you, it simply offers you the ability to get your foot in the door.

Where as with your free RecruitChute profile, you will have the ability to be able to share you entire profile with your public URL.

Check out how your profile could look!

Now rather than simply having the athletic elements of the recruiting process, you are able to share all of the information that a college coach would want to know in one, easy to use, format.

Create your free account with RecruitChute today!

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